How the Funding Process Works

Six easy steps to get your money. What are your waiting for?

  • 1

    Succinct questionnaire

    Answer some simple questions and within a few minutes find out which loan products are the most pertinent for you.

  • 2

    Match reviewing

    Once you find out which products suit you and your business the most, we’ll extend our support to explain to you the detailed working of each of those. The insights will enable you to make an informed judgment before you apply.

  • 3

    Single application to multiple lenders

    Decide on which loan product is the most beneficial for you and your business and then complete one simple application for it. Life at OnQ Funding is simple because you do not have to fill out several applications even if you are applying to several lenders and for various products.

  • 4

    Inundation of offers

    As offers begin to pour in, you can shop for the best product at the most feasible rate. We will calculate how you can capitalize on the most advantageous offers and assist you in choosing the most beneficial out of them.

  • 5

    Financing your venture

    Viola! You have the adequate amount and most pertinent form of financing that will aid the growth of your business. Rest assured that you got the best deal and that your business will start to flourish.

  • 6

    Planning the next move

    Once you receive the funds, we will assist you in chalking out a comprehensive plan whereby you can get less expensive loans over time. Have faith in the knowledge that we will be with and for you throughout the process.